Join us in singing some LUNEY TUNES at   OVFF 37 October 29 – 31, 2021 The Ohio Valley Filk Fest is the world’s largest fan-run filk convention, for all fen with a song in their heart. Guests of Honor: Misbehavin’ Maidens Toastmaster: To Be Announced Honored Listeners: Dennis, Sharon, […]

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Misbehavin' Maidens

Guests of Honor: Misbehavin’ Maidens

The Misbehavin’ Maidens are a bawdy nerd-folk comedy band comprised of four women from the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore are with a love of feminist, sex-positive music, LGBTQIA+ representation, parodies, drinking & fandom references for the 19+ geek crowd.

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Photo of Via Bella

Toastmaster: Via Bella

Via Bella is a songwriting and performing duo made up of Erin and Rand Bellavia.* If “Feminist Nerd Rock” sounds like something you’d like, you just found your new favorite band. Their debut album The Way of Beauty was released in 2018, and includes songs addressing many fandoms, including Agent […]

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Picture of Dennis, Sharon, & Kaitlin Palmer

Honored Listener: Dennis, Sharon, & Kaitlin Palmer

Dennis and Sharon Palmer have been involved with OVFF for a long time now. As attendees of the first OVFFs, then being involved with the concom. Their daughter, Kaitlin, attended OVFF when she was only a few months old. They now help behind the scene with the stage set-up.

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Picture of Jim Mahaffey

Interfilk Guest: James Mahaffey

James Mahaffey is a native Midwesterner who is now a transplanted “Texan-by-marriage”. His introduction to filk began with friends who convinced him to work the first FenCon convention. He spent the next ten years as ConOps before volunteering as “the sound guy” and co-ConChair. He also serves on the board […]

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New Voices: Familiar

In 2011, a soprano who loved epic fantasy and role playing games found a composer who loved Star Trek and video games. As the pair got to know each other, the composer’s fascination with the intricacies of prog rock and metal wove its way into the soprano’s passion for Irish […]

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