Cats on a music staff


It’s the YEAR OF THE CAT at


October 28 – 30, 2022

The Ohio Valley Filk Fest is the world’s largest fan-run filk convention,
for all fen with a song in their heart.

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Photo of Beth Patterson

Guest of Honor: Beth Patterson

Beth Patterson was born in a swamp. Okay, more accurately, she was born in a hospital near a swamp, but that’s close enough to romanticize the origin of this Lafayette, Louisiana native. Described by audiences as “a cross between a cobra and a puppy,” multi-instrumentalist Beth Patterson is foremost a player of the eight- and ten-stringed Irish bouzoukis (adaptations of a traditional Greek instrument). Known for her razor wit and […]

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Tom Smith Photo

Toastmaster: Tom Smith

Tom Smith has only missed two OVFFs since 1986. Along the way, he’s recorded two dozen albums, mixing dark fantasy, implausible goofiness, and All The Puns. He’s also amassed hundreds of friends and fans, fourteen Pegasus Awards, a spot in the Filk Hall of Fame, and not quite enough words to (Ed. Apparently he ran out of words…)

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Photo of Spencer Love

Honored Listener: Spencer Love

Spencer Love began singing at a very early age and discovered science fiction when his mother read “Have Space Suit, Will Travel” to him during a childhood hospital stay.  He discovered Sci-Fi Conventions as a college freshman and filking later the same year. He has been deeply involved with the filk community since 1974 and has been instrumental in preserving the history of filk as well as being one of […]

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Photo of Fred Capp & Robin Baylor

Interfilk Guests: Fred Capp & Robin Baylor

Fred Capp and Robin Baylor have been married for not nearly long enough, and started making music together before they were. They first teamed up with Lynn Gold while all three were living in Silicon Valley and none of the three of them have quite gotten over that arraignment.  Ask them how many States they’ve lived in and you get a nebulous number.  Fred spent some time in Alaska where he […]

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