Children’s Programming


A small golden pegasus playing a ukuleleKidSpace is a playroom set aside just for kids. Stocked with games, toys, books & videos, kids are welcome to hang out in this room anytime. Registered children ages 5 and up are welcome to come play in the room unattended whenever the doors are open. We ask that children under 5 be with a parent or guardian for safety reasons.

OVFF is proud of the quality and extensiveness of our children’s programming. We are planning the usual array of fun activities for all of OVFF’s kids. Scheduled activities suitable for children include: two pool parties, craft projects galore, Movie Night (with popcorn!), and selected workshops.

Special Events Include

Dormouse Tea Party
The kids get their very own Mad Hatter Tea Party. Special Friends (such as stuffed toys) are encouraged and hats are required. (If you forget to bring your hat, stop in an hour early and decorate one before the party.)

Kids Pizza Party
This is a free pizza party for the kids while their parents are at the Pegasus Awards Banquet. Simply sign up at registration by Sat afternoon (so we know how many pizzas are needed), and drop your child off on your way to the banquet.

Parental Responsibility

We would like to thank the many wonderful people who have provided this service in the past, and hope the community will continue to support us in our attempts to make OVFF a wonderful experience for filkers of ALL ages.

Safety Policies
KidSpace is all about helping you help your child enjoy the convention. Since accidents are not enjoyable, let’s work together to keep your kids safe.

Kids In Tow
Kids in Tow will, of course, be with you or another designated adult at all times. For additional security, in case of accidental separation, you may want to consider equipping the child with a photo of his or her adults. This might be a laminated card diaper-pinned to clothing, a t-shirt with an iron-on transfer, a button, a temporary tattoo, or anything else you can imagine. The reason for suggesting photographic identification is the possibility that not everybody at the convention will know you by name.

Kids in tow are welcome to enjoy the KidSpace facilities with their own adult. Please remember, however, that most of KidSpace is designed for school-aged children and we cannot guarantee that it is free of choking hazards.

Registered Children

Registered children, like adults, will wear membership badges while attending convention activities. Just to be safe, consider filling out the back of the badge with names and contact numbers (mobile phone, ideally) of adults who are prepared to deal with anything from discipline problems to medical emergencies. Also consider adding the number of the child’s hotel room.


In general, children in KidSpace independently are expected to be able to manage their own allergies and routine care; if this is not the case, they should have an adult on hand for their safety. Any life-threatening food allergies must be conveyed to the children’s programming co-ordinator as soon as possible, but at this point the best we are likely to be able to do is warn you away from certain things.


Drugs and other medical interventions are wonderful things. If you intend your child to have such things in the KidSpace area, they must be under your child’s physical control at all times so that no other child can accidentally access them. If this is impractical, medication should be retained by your child’s responsible adults or be left in the hotel room. KidSpace staff cannot be responsible for any child’s medication or therapy.


KidSpace staff will be running two pool parties this year. Although there will be adult supervision at the pool parties, there is no certified life guard. Children under 5 and weak swimmers must have a parent attend with them.

If your child is a weak swimmer or a non-swimmer, consider packing your own assistive technology. This includes water wings, PFDs, or swimsuits with flotation materials included. We suggest that, at a minimum, a child in the pool alone without assistive technology should be able to float on her or his back for some time without panic and should be able to swim a short distance to the edge of the pool. Suitable swimming attire is required for anybody who will be in the pool.


Children whose behavior threatens their own safety or the safety and reasonable enjoyment of other children will be required to have a responsible adult with them when in KidSpace. This adult will be expected to coach the child to control problematic behavior patterns. Children who cannot safely participate in KidSpace even with this support may be excluded.

Children with Disabilities
If your child has a disability that might affect his or her enjoyment of KidSpace, please contact the children’s programming director to discuss what reasonable accommodations can be provided or integrated into the KidSpace setting. Remember that the earlier you contact us, the more adaptations are likely to be readily achievable.

To contact our Children’s Programming directors with questions or suggestions, you can reach us through our contact page.