COVID Information


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OVFF is pleased to announce that we will hold an in-person convention this year.


COVID Regulations for OVFF 2021

Vaccination Policy

Due to COVID-19 concerns, for 2021 we will require proof of vaccination for all attendees. This includes those under 18 regardless of whether a vaccine has been approved for this age group. We do realise that this will prevent some families that we love to see from attending this year, but we REALLY want to make sure we will see all of you next year! Stay Safe!

Proof of vaccination can be sent to in the form of a digital photo of your COVID19 vaccination card. This digital photo will be used by registration only to mark your record in our database as having proof of vaccination. It will not be retained by us or forwarded to any other party. You may cover your birthdate and SSN on the card if you wish. You may also bring your vaccination card or a photo copy of it with you to the con if you would prefer not to send it ahead of time by email.

Mask Policy & Social Distancing

OVFF will comply with all state and local regulations. From the Worthington City web page for mask requirements: “Worthington City Council passed Ordinance 45-2021 at its September 13, 2021 meeting requiring the wearing of face coverings to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and declaring an emergency. The ordinance will be in effect for six months or until it is rescinded.

The ordinance requires all people ages three and over within the City of Worthington to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when in indoor areas accessible to the public and when traveling on public transportation. There are exceptions for people who cannot wear face coverings because of medical or mental health conditions, developmental disabilities or other instances based on CDC guidance.”

In addition to wearing masks while indoors in all public spaces, we are asking that you wear your mask and try to maintain social distancing as much as possible in our function spaces. We will try to accommodate that as much as possible with chair placement, but please do your part as well. (We also have good anecdotal evidence that you can even sing through your mask if you choose.) Thank you- we really appreciate your help.

And… a “note” on wind instruments. Recent studies show that playing a wind instrument (brass or woodwind) does not pose a significantly different risk of spreading or catching COVID from normal breathing while not wearing a face covering. There is less risk of spreading COVID while playing a wind instrument than singing without a mask.


We really appreciate your historic generosity in donations to the consuite; however, we are not accepting donations of home-made food. If you want to donate food, you may bring pre-packaged, individual serving commercial foods (with ingredients lists) to the service side of the consuite. Thanks for your understanding and support!


If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us here.