Photo of Fred Capp & Robin Baylor

Interfilk Guests: Fred Capp & Robin Baylor

Fred Capp and Robin Baylor have been married for not nearly long enough, and started making music together before they were. They first teamed up with Lynn Gold while all three were living in Silicon Valley and none of the three of them have quite gotten over that arraignment.  Ask them how many States they’ve lived in and you get a nebulous number. 

Fred spent some time in Alaska where he got educated, lived just down the street from Santa Claus (He played a hot banjo), and managed to get kidnapped by some Inuit. There are moose stories, too. 

Robin fell into the Air Force which sent her to Florida and Nebraska, gave her many adventures, and had her working with Captain America and Captain Murphy of “Space Command”. There are no moose stories here, but a few of the, ‘If I told you, I would have to kill you” variety.
They met in a filk room, and spent much time in the company of the Savitzkys, and that whole household. Music filled that house so they felt right at home. Fred plays mostly guitar, but is fairly comfortable on several other instruments, Robin plays violin, harp, guitar, ukulele, mountain dulcimer, and flutes. (Hey! Mention our hopefully no longer pending album.) And there should be an album RSN.
Now, 2 kids, 3 dogs and 8 cats later they live in Colorado with the Rockies right outside their windows. Sometimes the hills will knock and ask to come in out of the cold.
Fred still hasn’t had to dispose of a body larger than a turkey. (Cue: bear story)