Full Membership

Membership dues are how we pay for putting on the convention. With your membership, you get a program book and access to the con-suite and all other amenities provided by the convention. Register and pay immediately through PayPal or with a credit card registered with PayPal. If you must pay by check, simply print out one form for each attendee, and mail it to us with your payment. If you have other questions or issues with our registration process, you can contact us here.

OVFF Membership Rates
Before October 1, 2021
At the Door
Child (12 and under):
Young Adult (13-24 years):

Child Membership

Children under the age of 12 attend the convention at a reduced rate. There is special programming geared for children in this age range, and the membership fee includes the children’s pizza party that is held opposite the Pegasus Awards Banquet.

Young Children in Tow

Infants and small children in tow may attend the convention with a parent at no cost, however they must be with a parent (or other designated person) at all times. OVFF does not provide programming or services geared toward infants, and though they are welcome at the convention, they must be supervised at all times.

Pegasus Awards Banquet

The Pegasus Awards Banquet is not included in the membership price. The cost is listed below- you can sign up for the Banquet on the Registration Page.

Banquet Rates
Before October 1, 2021
At the Door


OVFF Membership Rollover Policy

If you purchase a membership in advance to OVFF in any given year and then find that you are unable to attend due to an unexpected change of plans, OVFF will gladly consider rolling the membership over to next year’s convention PROVIDED you inform us before the beginning of the con. We require notice in writing. Phone calls or a verbal message carried by a friend sadly, do not count… even if delivered in song.

Memberships will be rolled over only one year. If you are still unable to attend the second year, we regret that we are unable to roll it over again.

Scooters for the mobility impaired

If you need a scooter for the con, please contact us, or phone Kathy Hamilton at (614) 451-3154 by September 1 to reserve one. (We will try to meet any requests made after this date, but cannot guarantee it.) The rental fee is about $100 for the weekend plus a $50 delivery fee that is divided among all those who get a scooter.


Individuals or businesses desiring a table in the Dealers’ Room at OVFF should contact Sally Kobee, our dealers room coordinator, at 614-442-1010 or at this nifty contact form. Please note that the Dealers’ Room is by reservation only, and often sells out almost as soon as the previous con is over.