Ohio Valley Filk Fest 33

Convention Committee

OVFF Concom

These are the people that you can thank or blame for putting on OVFF this year:

Kathy Hamilton: Co-Chair, Publications
Linnea Davis: Co-Chair, Gopher Wrangler
Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale: Children's Programming
Mary Bertke: Programming Coordinator, Guest Liaison
Sally Kobee: Hotel Liaison, Dealer's Room
Erica Neely: Evangelista (Chair), Pegasus Committee
BJ Mattson: Guest Liaison, Prizes
Roberta Slocumb: Registration Manager
Mark Peters: Pre-Con Registration, Sound Tech
Emily Vazquez-Coulson: Program Book
Chris Nickel: Consuite Manager
Chandra Morgan-Henley: Master Chef
Steve Macdonald: Webmaster
Lori Coulson: Floating Concom
Leslie Davis: Floating Concom
Robin Nakkula: Floating Concom
Kat Sharp: Floating Concom
Elizabeth Wilson: Floating Concom


Although the OVFF Concom is responsible for all the pre-planning, to actually RUN a convention one needs minions, formally known as "staff'. Last year this list included:

Alan Dormire
Mark Freeman
Jeff George
David Ifversen
Spencer Love
Carole McAllister
Heather Munn
Sharon Palmer
Jody Roliff
Halle Snyder
Harold Stein

Pegasus Committee

The Pegasus Committee is responsible for the administration of the Pegasus Award for Exellence in Filking. They are responsible for handling the nomination and voting process, and also coordinate the Pegasus Nominees concert at OVFF before the final balloting.

Erica Neely - Evangelista
Steve Macdonald - Co-Evangelista
Lissa Allcock
Trace Hagemann
Gretchen Roper
Steve Shortino
Rob Wynne

Friends of OVFF

Every year there are people who, while not officially concom or staff, still contribute a significant amount of time, resources, and/or services to help make OVFF a better convention. We try to express our appreciation by calling them Friends of OVFF. Last year this group included the following people:

Lorene Andrews
Nancy Graf
Gary Hartman
Judi Miller
Dennis Palmer
Mary Frost Pierson
J. Elaine Richards
Jeff Tolliver
Jan Wagner

Thank you, for all you have done for our convention!

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