Ohio Valley Filk Fest 33

Credits and Acknowledgements

The webmaster as a cartoon character

The code for the OVFF web site was designed by Daniel Glasser, and assembled by a cast of thousands. The current webmaster is Steve Macdonald. Additional content was provided by the OVFF Concom.

The Pegasus Awards pages are maintained by Steve Macdonald.

Even though this is from the OVFF 22 website, Steve thought it was amusing enough to keep it....

Daniel would like to thank the following:

Yes, he would like to thank them, but he too busy putting the page together that explains how it is that OVFF needs to refinance its mortgage in order to be able to afford to buy shares in unknown but up-and-coming companies, and this has made it so anxious that it needs Viagra to be able to keep up with all the hot chicks with webcams that it's been chatting with on IRC a few nights ago but forgot to get the URL, and meanwhile, somebody from a different IP address has been attempting to access its Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, First Trust of Houston, Chase, PayPal and eBay accounts, so it has to take time off from getting its university degree based on life experience to update its account information, and as a result, has been unable to help the vice president of an oil company (or is it a bank) someplace in East Africa transfer funds into his US bank account for a 15% cut of the millions of dollars (US) that are in the account of some unfortunate person who died a few years ago and left no heirs, which would solve the money problem thus negating the need to refinance which would negate the need for the Cialis, which would allow it to cavort with the hot co-eds, have money left over to buy OEM software, and maybe even take some time off to win a free iPod.

Even if Daniel is not going to thank anyone, the OVFF concom thanks all of the above.

Photographs and artwork used on this site were contributed by:

Content for this site has been contributed (wittingly or unwittingly) by:

This page, like almost every other page on the site, and in fact, the WWW, is under construction. A hard hat is required to enter some areas, and safety goggles must be worn at all times. Residents of California: Be certain to wash your hands before eating if you have handled any of the content on this web site, as it may contain trace amounts of lead, mercury, and other toxic heavy metals. Those with breathing disorders should consult a physician before and after spending more than fleeting moments on this site, as the asbestos abatement crew has not completed their work. Watch out for zephyr droppings, as they are very slippery. Care should be taken with sharp wits as not to puncture inflated expectations as deflated hyperbole is very difficult to get out of the carpets.


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