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Caution, Filkers Working sign, stolen from the FKO website.

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Even when it's finished, it will never be complete.

Please check back often!

What is "Filk"?

In the near future, you will find an attempt at briefly defining the words "Filk" and "Filking" . You will also see a set of links to other pages on the Web that attempt to define "Filk" and "Filking". You might even come across the Wikipedia entry on Filk. Meanwhile, you'll just have to put up with quotes from other filk related websites.

Readers may also want to check out some other pages that deal with this issue, including:

History of Filk

Don't know nothin' 'bout filkin' history, but some people do. Karen Andersen, Lee and Barry Gold, and Margaret Middleton are good sources.

Filking Awards and Honors

Besides OVFF's own Pegasus Awards, there's the Filk Hall of Fame, run by FilKOntario. In the UK, there's the Sams Awards, and there are probably others as well.

Filk Community

In the near future, you will find a description of the "Filk Community", and a listing of area filk organizations and communities.

[Interfilk Logo]


In this location, you will find a brief description of the charitable Filk organization Interfilk, along with a pointer to its website

(Polar Bear hitching a ride to FKO)Other Conventions

Though they aren't specifically filk conventions, the following are known to be very "Filk Friendly":

Perhaps I ought to check out the Science Fiction Convention Webring ...

Filk On-Line

This section will point to other filk resources on-line -- lyrics, BBS's, message boards, blogs, and so forth.


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