Ohio Valley Filk Fest 34

OVFF Guests


Picture of Cheshire Moon

Cheshire Moon

Beneath the hollow of an ancient oak sits a pair of mischief makers. Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman of Cheshire Moon welcome you into the delicate mayhem. Fanciful and riddled with mystery, old stories are made new, new stories are brought to light, and old myths are given new faces in guitar and violin and voice.

Picture of Rob Wynne

Toastmaster: Rob Wynne

What can I say about Rob Wynne? Where do I start? Where do we separate fact from fiction? Do we talk about gun-running days in the Congo alongside a younger Dick Cheney? Do we speak of a tragic love affair with a Hong Kong opium den hostess and a daring escape from months of Triad sex slavery? Dare we bring up the rumors of the Raunchy Rob’s Georgia Big Lovin’ Shack drug bust which involved three different ex-Presidents, two prostitutes, a camel, a tube of wasabi and a ukulele?

Maybe not. After all, the Freedom of Information Act only takes us so far, and there are things that even filkers are not meant to know.

Especially when a ukelele is involved.

(shamelessly stolen from Terence Chua's bio of Rob, from Rob's website at www.autographedcat.com)

Picture of Harold Stein

Honored Listener: Harold Stein

Harold Stein is a computer tech for a non-profit company in NYC by day, filk archivist and publisher by night.  He has created 23 filk albums over the years (#24 is due out inJune 2018).

He usually is seen around various filk conventions assisting with the sound team.  He also is usually running around late at night with digital recorders capturing most of the convention for archival and historic purposes.

Harold is also known for donating to Interfilk at various conventions one off copies of the live concerts that have been heard earlier in the same convention (as time allows).  In all cases, Harold ensures that permission is granted from the performers before recordings are made available.

He has been part of the sound team at OVFF since 2008 and regularly volunteers to assist with filk sound at the conventions he attends.

Picture of Julia H. West

Interfilk Guest: Julia West

Julia H. West has been filking since the mid 1970s. For years she was Filk Mom for the local Utah SF convention, CONduit, recruiting others to share her obsession with filk.

Julia collects filk lyrics, and for a long time carried a suitcase full of filk books to cons; now those lyrics (and many newly added songs) are digitized--a laptop is easier to lug than eight thick binders.

When she's not filking, Julia writes fantasy and science fiction and collects penguins (not live ones--her cat overlords wouldn't permit that). Her website is at juliahwest.com

A picture of Wreck the System

New Voices Guest: Wreck the System

Wreck The System is a group consisting of four members: LadyJ, Osiris Green, Cam3, and Twill Distilled. They are a Nerdcore Hip-Hop band but blend other genres like rock, EDM, dirty pop, dubstep, chiptune, and pretty much anything they want into their music. Wreck The System is not only known for their energetic and amazing stage shows, but their fans also identify with their overall message which is to "BE WHO YOU ARE WITHOUT FEAR."

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