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Year Category
2014 Best Performer
2011 Best Performer

The Stone Dragons are a musical duo (Tom and Sue Jeffers) from Toronto who perform a variety of original and cover songs of fantasy and worlds beyond. Their infectious humour is balanced by a more serious side, rounded by their joy of music. They were Interfilk Guests at Conchord in 2010 and Guests of Honor at Conterpoint 2013. They have performed at Cons throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as England and Germany. They were also nominated for a Canadian Aurora Award for Best Fan Filk.

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Representative Work for the 2014 Pegasus Awards.


Words © 2009 by Sue Jeffers, Music © 2009 by Tom Jeffers
Inspired by the novel "Curse of Chalion" by Lois McMaster Bujold
All rights reserved
Used by permission

I did not know that I was chosen
Only that my life was hell
Fallen from a former glory
Shamed and tortured as I fell
Bruised and bleeding I returned home
They saw my scars they thought they knew
Thought me evil, hateful lecher
Hated me but never knew

That the Goddess tests her creatures
To destruction and beyond.
Brings them back to suffer worse pain
Till they swear they can't go on

But I did her every bidding
And I passed her every test
So she used me as her vessel
And I served her to my best

Was I lucky, was I honoured
That she chose me for her tool
If she needs another champion
She can choose another fool.



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