The Pegasus Awards

Alexa Weingarden


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2013 Best Performer Sassafrass
2012 Best Performer Sassafrass
2010 Best Performer Sassafrass

Alexa Weingarden is an MD/PhD student at the University of Minnesota, pursuing a PhD in microbiology. No, she doesn't expect to ever finish school, either. When she's not playing with deadly bacteria, she spends her time singing, fencing, and cooing over her dog Frey. Alexa began singing in choirs in high school, and continued singing in a Broadway revue group as an undergraduate. She also ran her college's science fiction association, which is how she met many of Sassafrass's members (she is one of the few who did not attend Bryn Mawr). Sassafrass is her first experience with a cappella singing. With the notable exception of her husband, Matt, she lives apart from most members of the group, and has recently begun experimenting with multi-tracking herself as a result.




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