The Pegasus Awards

Andy Eigel IF



Pegasus Award

Award Year Category Song
2008 Best Filk Song Uplift

Pegasus Nominations



Category Song
2013   Best Alien Song Regrets
2007   Best Filk Song Uplift
2005   Best Filk Song Uplift
2004   Best Filk Song Uplift
2003   Best Filk Song Uplift
2000   Best Filk Song Uplift
1996 w/ Dave Tucker Best Filk Song The Whale Song

Andrew Eigel has been involved in filk for just over 15 years now. He enjoys singing and playing songs from all over the musical spectrum, from Barenaked Ladies to Weird Al, as well as his own compositions. His favorite audience lately has been his son, John, who now sings along.

His song Uplift has been up for a Pegasus for the past few years (and now this year too!), and he is very, very grateful to be nominated. He wishes to personally thank everyone who has ever performed Uplift at a con he wasn't attending; you guys made this nomination happen!

Andrew lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Jinny, son John (4.5 years old), a housemate, a mother-in-law and a beagle with ADD named Fred.


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