The Pegasus Awards

Bill Roper, DI HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
2003 w/ Gretchen Roper Best Original Humorous Song My Husband The Filker
1988   Best Filk Song Wind From Rainbow's End
1987 w/ Clif Flynt Best Schtick Unreality Warp/Kinda Mediocre, Actually

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2015   Best Time-Related Song One Last Dance
2014 w/ Gretchen Roper Best Classic Filk Song Apology
2013 w/ Gretchen Roper Best Filk Song Apology
2013   Best Classic Filk Song Teenage Popsicle Girl
2011   Most Romantic Song Too Many Years
2008 w/ Gretchen Roper Best Comedy Song Apology
2007   Best Dorsai Song The Destroyer
2006   Best Battle Song The Destroyer
2004   Best Tribute Half A Chance
2000   Best End of the World Song One Last Dance
1991 w/ Gretchen Roper Best Filk Song The Library Song
1990 w/ Gretchen Roper Best Filk Song The Library Song
1990 w/ Murray Porath and Frank Hayes Best Fannish Song Cheap Lawyer & Rebuttal
1987   Best Writer/Composer  
1986   Best Filk Song Horse of Silver Gold
1986   Best Filk Song Planet Called Melody
1986   Best Filk Singer, Male  
1986   Best Parody Kinda Mediocre, Actually
1984   Best Male Filksinger  

Bill Roper has been writing filk for over thirty years and, after owning a record label (Dodeka Records) since 1991, finally managed to get two CDs of his own material out: Falling Toward Orion and Seven Miles a Second. Frighteningly, the birth of daughters Katie and Julie doesn't seem to have slowed the writing down, as there's enough material for another half-dozen albums sitting around waiting to be recorded. (See

In the meantime, he and Gretchen need to work on some more duets. After Katie and Julie go to sleep...


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