The Pegasus Awards

Cathy McManamon IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
Pegasus graphic 2018 Random Fractions Best Performer

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song Sample
2019 Best Filk Song   Water  
2018 Best Writer/Composer      
2017 Best Filk Song   Scarlet Town  
2017 Best Writer/Composer      
2016 Best Performer Three Fifths    
2015 Best Performer Three Fifths    
2014 Best Song of Passage   Scarlet Town  
2014 Best Performer Toyboat    

Cathy McManamon has written music since the age of six (though thankfully she won't share any of the REALLY early songs) and sidetracked through church music and classroom music education before getting back to writing and performing her own music.  She has been playing solo and in collaboration with a few other musicians since 2003, including the groups Tragic Hair Shadow (an Indigo Girls cover duo), Merry Meet (a faerie-based vocal group), the Pegasus-nominated bands Random Fractions (with Jason Neerenberg and Daniel Gunderson, formerly known as Three-Fifths) and Toyboat (a hard-rock filk band).  Her most recent collaboration is called SoundWAVS (with Alexander James Adams).  Cathy primarily plays acoustic guitar and hand drums or electronic drum kit, but has been known to dabble with keyboards, recorders, assorted small percussion, flute, pedal organ, bowed psaltery, harp, choir chimes, and boomwhackers.  She has three solo CDs (the earliest two are out of print), two CDs with gundo & Jason, and a soon-to-be-released project called Rune Songs Volumes I and II.  Cathy facilitates music workshops and jams at various cons and outdoor festivals, has run Music Programming for Windycon for several years, and has contributed track recordings for other artists such as Sandra "Cat" Greenberg, The Faithful Sidekicks, and The Canticles Project.  Oh, and she sings, too.



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