The Pegasus Awards

Chris Conway SAM



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2013 Best Alien Song Alien Jellyfish Song
2008 Best Comedy Song Alien Salad Abduction
2006 Best Performer  
2006 Best Writer/Composer  
2004 Best Writer/Composer  
2004 Best Performer  
2003 Best Writer/Composer  
2003 Best Original Humorous Song Alien Salad Abduction

Chris Conway (or Christo as he became known amongst filkers) came to filk music accidentally, a professional musician, not knowing he was playing filk. Influenced by the space songs of Paul Kantner and Country Joe McDonald and by reading sci-fi books, the occasional space or otherworldly reference crept into some of his songs.

He then worked with Toronto filker Jodi Krangle from filk band Urban Tapestry, before being initiated into the UK filk scene at the Triplets Party and invited to play at the 12th UK Filk Convention Didgeridouze, where he also met and guested with Urban Tapestry. Since then he has been Guest of Honour at Consonance, Confluence, Filkontario, the UK Con 16Tones, Marcon and DFDF and has won 3 Sam awards at UK Cons.

A mercurial performer - stylistically his music goes hither and thither from folk, jazz, Celtic, world music, electronic. Instrumentally he flits between guitar, piano, flutes, kalimba and theremin, and subject-wise darts from silly to touching to atmospheric. He has worked with members of Jethro Tull & Fairport Convention and toured with Peter Tork of the Monkees and has released over 90 albums solo, in bands and collaborations including 10 of his songs.

His most filkish albums include "Alien Salad Abduction", "Deep Space Love" and "Live!" which was recorded at 2 UK filk cons. "Time Traveller" has some time travelling songs on it - now there's a surprise...



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