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Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song Sample
2017 Best Performer    
2013 Best Alien Song Alien Jellyfish Song  
2008 Best Comedy Song Alien Salad Abduction  
2006 Best Performer    
2006 Best Writer/Composer    
2004 Best Writer/Composer    
2004 Best Performer    
2003 Best Writer/Composer    
2003 Best Original Humorous Song Alien Salad Abduction  

Chris Conway, or "Christo" as he's known in filk -  is a US born filker in the UK who came to his first filk convention in 2000. He has been Guest of Hono(u)r at Consonance, Confluence, FilkOntario, The UK Filk Con, DFDF, and played at GaFilk. He has won 5 Sam Awards at UK Filk Cons and been nominated for several Pegasus Awards. He has been a professional musician for 28 years and has played with ex-Monkees Peter Tork, and members of Jethro Tull & Fairport Convention. But above all, he is a very silly man indeed.

Representative Work for the 2017 Pegasus Awards

Superheroes Never Die

Copyright © by Chris Conway - All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

Superman has given up the fight It didn't even take any Kryptonite Lois Lane just up and went
Left him for the spitting image of Clark Kent
No longer mistaken for birds and planes
He flies tourist class or catches trains
Some habits still hang on from his youth
He still changes his clothes in a telephone booth

Superheroes never die, they only fade away
They tried to save the future, but the future was yesterday
Superheroes fade away but they never quit the scene
Next time you see an old woman or man
Think about who they might have been.

Batman retired and hung up all his capes
No more KAPOW or last minute escapes
No more damsels screaming "Help, Batman, free us!"
The Batmobile was traded in for a Prius
Robin Boy Wonder ran away
Now he runs a gay bar in San Jose,
But Penguin and Joker come to the Batcave,
Every Friday night for the poker game.


So don't make any assumptions
Don't you judge too soon
They might've been a teen idol
Or written your favourite tune
They might've danced naked at Woodstock
They might've landed on the moon
They might've been somebody just like me.
Or just .... just like you.

You wont recognise Wonder Woman today
She sold her costume to a lap dancer from LA
But she still transforms with a swooshing sound
Becomes a school traffic guard by spinning around
She wears the tiara once a week
On Saturday nights dancing cheek to cheek
Beside Green Lantern it sparkles bright
At the super senior citizen's ballroom nights



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