The Pegasus Awards

Daniel Gunderson IF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2016 Best Performer Three Fifths
2015 Best Performer Three Fifths
2014 Best Performer Toyboat
2011 Best Performer Toyboat
2010 Best Performer Toyboat

Along with playing every instrument that he owns onstage with Toyboat, and Hammand, piano, and octave mandolin in the band Three-Fifths (together with Cathy McManamon and Jason Neerenberg), gundo is one of the core members of the folk-rock band Howlin' Beagle. The official gundo FAQ states that yes he really plays all of those instruments, yes he was a professional musician on the Chicago folk music scene for 3 years and has been a session player, yes he really is our spiritual leader (he has Masters in Philosophy and Theology) and yes he really does play the drums just like Animal.


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