The Pegasus Awards

Eric Coleman


Pegasus Awards

Award Year


2014 Best Filk Song Snow White, Red Road
2014 Best Performer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2011 Best Performer Toyboat
2010 Best Performer Toyboat

Eric is an award winning songwriter from Ames IA. He has had his songs played by Dr Demento. He has been heard on the web on Dementia Radio, the late and much lamented Whole Wheat Radio and many other internet radio stations. He has played at conventions all over the midwest and sold dozens of CDs. He was a founding member of hard rock filk band Toyboat where he played drums and occasional guitar. He left Toyboat in 2012 due to problems with his hands. He can now be found playing stringed instruments in Cheshire Moon with singer/multi-instrumentalist Lizzie Crowe.

Cheshire Moon


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