The Pegasus Awards

Eva Van Daele-Hunt IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song Sample
2016 Best Classic Filk Song Die Puppen (The Dolls)  
2016 Best Exploration Song Terra Nova  
2015 Best Classic Filk Song Die Puppen (The Dolls)  
2015 Best Writer/Composer    
2014 Best Writer/Composer    
2012 Best Gaming Song Die Puppen (The Dolls)  
2012 Best Writer/Composer    
2011 Best Filk Song Die Puppen (The Dolls)  
2011 Best Romantic Song Rain on Berlin  
2010 Best Magic Song Die Puppen (The Dolls)  
2008 Best Filk Song Die Puppen (The Dolls)  
2005 Best Filk Song Stimmen im Wind  

Eva Van Daele-Hunt (née Wiest) is a criminal judge by day and a roleplayer, musician and songwriter by night. She joined the filk scene via Star Trek fandom in 1995 and has been an active member of the German filk community ever since. Her music mixes elements of folk and lieder; her lyrics are ballads, sometimes mysterious, sometimes eerie and almost always sad. After having spent her childhood making noise, she enjoyed a thorough education in classical music and today plays recorder, guitar, piano and church organ, although she loves to dabble with every instrument she can get her hands on (bodhran, flute, saxophone, cello, glockenspiel and others).

In late 2001, she joined Christine ('Crystal') Blum to form the filk duo 'Summer & Fall'. The two redheads, who were Interfilk Guests at GaFilk 2007, International Guests at Consonance 2008, Guests of Honour at 2010's DFDF (Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik) and Guests of Honor at Concertino in 2015, have so far released two CDs ('Last Sunny Day' in 2006, 'Into the Blue' in 2012) and one songbook ('Harvest'). Furthermore, since 2007, Eva/Summer performs with the filk-barbershop quartet 'Barbership', which also includes Katy Dröge-Macdonald (alto), Steve Macdonald (tenor) and Eva's Canadian husband Rafael Van Daele-Hunt (bass).

Rafael and Eva, who perform together under the name of ‘Pair o’Dice’, live in a small town in Southern Germany. Their latest project is the formation of a family trio – their daughter Talea (born in 2008) shows just as much talent at making noise as her mother once did. . .


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