The Pegasus Awards

Graham Leathers



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2008 Best Comedy Song Chocolate Is A Vegetable
1995 Best Filk Song Nantucket Sleigh Ride
1995 Best Writer/Composer  
This is the third Pegasus Award nomination for Graham Leathers, the battle hardened veteran of the stage and airwaves. A singer/songwriter, actor, juggler, and musician only scratch the surface of his talents. He began playing music in earnest at seventeen when he learned three chords and jammed in the basement with his brother on bass. Since then, he has performed all across Canada and in the United States with a number of bands and he toured with his brother Gordon in the Western Canadian Fringe Festivals. He has also performed for CBC Radio on local, regional and national showcases including Madly Off in All Directions, one of Canada's top comedy show cases. His songs range from the sublime to the ridiculous about living on the Canadian Prairies to the futility of losing your temper over a malfunctioning dryer. Born and raised in Western Canada, Graham now resides in Minneapolis where he writes, records and travels where ever there is an appreciative audience waiting to smile, tap their toes, and sing along for fun, and he might even make you think a little. Most of all, he just wants to help you enjoy yourself.


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