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Lawrence Dean SAM IF


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Year Category Song
2016 Best Adapted Song Do You Want to Build an Iron Man?

Lawrence Dean first encountered filk at the Brighton Worldcon in 1979. He wrote his first sci-fi song, "The Ballad of Arthur Dent," in 1980, and has been active in UK filk since 1986. His songs have appeared in anthologies, convention songbooks, fanzines, and in his own 1992 songbook and 2001 CD, both entitled "Labyrinth of Shadows."

Lawrence helped create the Flying Filk Fund in 1988 to bring North American guests to British Filkcons. He was Guest of Honor at the UK Filkcon XIlophone in 1999, Featured Filk Guest at Confluence 2006 in Pittsburgh, and Interfilk Guest at Conflikt 2 in Seattle in 2009.

Lawrence has written over 115 songs, half of which are Filk or Filk related. The rest are a mix of Folk, Country and Contemporary. His music has been performed and recorded by professional folksingers and fellow filkers across America, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Lyrics to most of his songs are free to download at, or if you prefer,




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