The Pegasus Awards

Mike Whitaker IF SAM HoF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2018 Best Song About Community   Three Days Away
2015 Best Performer The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014  
2015 Best Classic Filk Song   Before the Dawn
2014 Best Classic Filk Song   Before the Dawn
2006 Best Classic Filk Song   Before the Dawn
2005 Best Classic Filk Song   Before the Dawn
2003 Best Parody Tim and Annie Walker,
Anne Whitaker
Bang Today
2002 Best Performer Phoenix  
2001 Best Performer Phoenix  
Mike Whitaker discovered filk at a British Unicon in 1985, being the only person in the circle with a guitar. By then he'd already written Before the Dawn (in about half an hour one afternoon, using a guitar riff he'd just found lying around in his fingers), just hadn't realised it was filk. He thought it was done with after two sequels, but the rest of the UK filkers had other ideas.

Since then, he's released two solo filk albums, and recorded two more with rock group Phoenix (with an 'i'!). On top of that he's contributed, willingly or no, the tunes to a fair chunk of Phil Allcock's debut tape, as well as supplied guitar and other talents on various other recordings. Somewhere along the way he's also found time to work for several well-known websites, run FilkNet, get married, have a son, and play in several non-filk bands and productions.


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