The Pegasus Awards

Paul Kwinn IF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
Pegasus graphic 2010 Best Magic Song Where the Magic Is Real

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2005   Best Sword and Sorcery Song Urban Legends
2002   Best Chilling/Spine-Tingling The Dark Man
2000 Puzzlebox Best Performer  
2000   Best Writer/Composer  
1999   Best Filk Song The Dark Man
1999 Puzzlebox Best Performer  
1999   Best Writer/Composer  
1998   Best Writer/Composer  
1997   Best Filk Song The Dark Man
Paul Kwinn lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been involved with filk since about 1990. You may know him from his attendance at almost every filk con, at one time or another (Great Britain's filk cons elude him thus far, but it's only a matter of time). You may know him as an entrant in various song-writing contests at OVFF and FilKONtario (with some wins). You may know him as the tallest, hairiest member of the filk trio Puzzlebox (his association with lovely and talented band-mates Taunya Gren and Alisa Garcia indicates a level of luck that is, well, ridiculous). Puzzlebox was Interfilk guest at GaFilk in 2000, and Guest of Honor at FilkContinental in 2001. And next year will be quite toasty for Paul: Puzzlebox is serving as Toastmaster at Consonance 2006 (March, in Milpitas, in the San Francisco Bay area) and he'll be soloing toastmaster duties for OVFF 2006. All of the gigs are hugely appreciated. Mr. Kwinn resides, busily but happily, with his sexy and incredibly talented wife Beckett Gladney (a noted artist of filk album covers, among other things) and their twin boys Casey Beckett Kwinn and Riley James Kwinn.


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