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2015 Best Filk Song w/ Piers Cawley Child of the Library
2014 Best Filk Song w/ Piers Cawley Child of the Library

Piers Cawley first discovered filk fandom at Intersection, the 2005 Glasgow WorldCon. Marrying up his love of science fiction and folk music seemed to be the most natural thing in the world, and he has since settled into British Fandom, acting as an ambassador for unaccompanied singing wherever he goes.

Whilst he can play instruments, his first love is song, particularly story-based songs like ballads. Whilst he is more than capable of holding an audience rapt with an hour of solo song, nothing pleases him more than other people joining in and harmonising alongside him. Should you see him at a convention near you, do not be surprised if he starts to conduct the audience whilst singing - for Piers, the act of music is a profoundly community-based one, and as a stalwart of his own community, he does everything in his power to support it.

Piers has sung at a huge variety of folk festivals, filk conventions and folk clubs over the years, and has just started singing collaboratively with Tim Walker at festivals, singarounds and clubs in the UK.


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