The Pegasus Awards

Steve Simmons, DI IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
2007 w/ Steve Macdonald Best Dorsai Song Shai!

Pegasus Nominations

Year Composer Category Song
2006 w/ Steve Macdonald Best Battle Song Shai!
2002 w/ Steve Macdonald Best Song That Tells A Story Shai!
1987 Lord Buckley (schtick by Steve Simmons) Best Schtick God's Own Drunk

Current bio, 100 words or less? Deep breath: born '53, fandom '70, guitar '73, filk '74, married Ruth '78 (thank you!), daughter Kate '82, son Rob '84, four careers (computing, sysadmin, fandom, family), no divorces, no grandchildren, chaired Conclave '78, once Interfilk guest (thank you!), Ad Astra Fan GoH (thank you!), current member DI, IEEE, GT, SAGE, USENIX, past president DI, SAGE, Waldo & Magic Inc, past board of directors DI and SAGE, musically influenced by (alphabeticly) Axton, Buffet, Dillards, Dylan, Eberhardt, Free Hot Lunch!, friends (mine), Ian (Janis), McLean (Don, not Dougie), Ruth (wife), Taylor, and Zevon. Dead eventually.

Iffen you wanna read more about him, check out his website at


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