The Pegasus Awards

Sunnie Larsen


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2020 Best Space Song w/ Aron Wolf The Wreck of the Martian Observer
2019 Best Performer    
2018 Best Performer    
2017 Best Performer w/ Vixy & Tony  

Sunnie Larsen has been a shining example of a performer from the tender young age of 3 when she discovered that her charm and her ability as a performer could move audiences. Since then, she's developed the skill to lift the hearts of her audience by adeptly weaving deep emotional notes into the fabric of her musicianship.

Today, she regularly lends her talents on the stage to bands including Vixy and Tony, the "four-person filk duo" creating original and cover filk music; Bone Poets Orchestra, a psychedelic rock band; providing violin ambiance with fingerstyle guitarist Ronnda Cadle; and she's a member of the improvisational string hat trick Ménage à Trio with Betsy Tinney and Alexander James Adams. She can also be found as guest fiddle and vocalist on a variety of filk and non-filk albums, further proving that she finds comfort and grace on the business end of a microphone.

Sunnie's debut album, The Space Between Notes, was released in July 2019. You can find information about ordering it, and more about Sunnie, at her website, .



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