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2014 Best Writer/Composer

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2017 Best Performer  
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Tim GriffinTim has been filking for fun and money for about 30 years now. He loves writing and sharing new music with kids and seeing how they not only get excited about the STEM and other subjects his songs teach, but actually perform better on standards-based assessments of their knowledge and vocabulary after working with his music. Tim has performed to great hilarity and edification for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Science Teachers’ Association, the California Science Teachers’ Association, Mensa, dozens of science fiction & filk conventions, plus a few hundred schools, libraries, museums, and other places of learning. In 2014, Tim won the Pegasus Award for best songwriter/composer.

Representative Work for the 2017 Pegasus Awards


Copyright © 2012 by Tim Griffin- All rights Reserved
Used by Permission

There's a great big living kingdom for the green and growing things
They live by photosynthesis, about which I will sing
This chemical reaction is my favorite one of all
It makes a lot of oxygen and helps a plant grow tall

(chorus) You know a plant needs sunlight, water, soil, and CO2
Making carbohydrate for the plant and oxygen for you
Of all the living kingdoms, I love the plants the best
My favorite part of botany is photosynthesis!

It happened in the water in the deep and distant past:
A cell evolved an organelle we call a chloroplast
The algae made our atmospheric oxygen to rise
And led to plants today, the way they photosynthesize

(repeat chorus)

They do it in the desert, in the forest and the sea
Turning CO2 and photons into food for you and me
Making air to breathe and wood to build and fiber for our clothes
So let me hear you cheer your favorite photoautotrophs!

(repeat chorus)

My favorite part of botany is photosynthesis!


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