The Pegasus Awards

Howl at the Moon

Tim and Annie Walker

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2009 A Little Bit Rock and Roll

"Howl at the Moon" is based on the book, "Blood Trail" by the wonderful and talented Tanya Huff. We were fascinated by her depiction of werewolves as people who, despite their obvious differences, should be allowed to enjoy the same freedoms and rights as anyone else.

Hearing a roomful of people playing and singing it at the OVFF rock jam was a truly *memorable* moment! -- Annie Walker


Howl at the Moon

Copyright © by Tim and Annie Walker
Inspired by Tanya Huff's 'Blood Trail'
Lyric posted with permission of the authors

I was raised not to bow down to another,
They teach us early to keep true to ourselves.
Family is everything and secrecy will hide the rest,
And keep us safe from harm.

Howl at the moon
Jump for the stars
Wolf in your soul
Fire in your heart

This land is ours is now and will always be,
We guard our flocks right well.
My feet will tread the path that my grandfather carved for me,
I’ll guard it with my life.


But now it frightens me to think that hatred knows our name.
Whether skin or fur, it’s plain to me we’re all the same,
Mama’s still Mama, and see my Pa is just my Pa,
Bleeding in our dirt.


Justice is blind, I’ve heard it said 100 times,
I don’t believe that’s true, for you or me, and not for mine.
Here on this farm it seems that Victory’s the sightless one,
She’ll hunt the hunters now.



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