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OUTWARD DREAM               ©1998,  Judith Hayman

This song placed first in the songwriting Contest at OVFF 14, October 1998.  Theme: dreams.

Based on images from the movie, Apollo 13, and the book, Starplex, by Rob Sawyer.

intro: G -- D -- C9 – D – C9

The little light

That from the moon

C9                        Cmaj7
Enchants the very heart of night

F                    Am7
Is so small, so very small

That one raised finger

C               D
Eclipses it all.

      F             G                         C
So small and yet the dream is grand

      F       C                    G
Of going to that distant land.

     So outward dream

     So outward dream

     And onward go.

Suspended on
The sea of night
Above the moon, we gaze upon
The earth a-glow, so blue a-glow.
And yet my hand’s farewell
Masks all that show
And so into the starry sky
We sail, and wave our last goodbye.

     So outward dream
     So outward dream

                         G - D - C9- C - C/B - E
     And onward go.      


E9                              D
There lies beyond the galaxy

E9                                    D                     A
A space so vast that there can be no reckoning

E9                      D
In dreams and in humility

E9                              D                  A
I raise my hands to my home stars a-beckoning.

C9                           D
The Milky Way lost in th’embrace

C9                                              D
Of  wond’ring hand that reach for space...

And so I sigh
I dreaming sigh
For I will never pass the sky
My aching hand, my reaching hand
Will never grasp
Earth or stars within their span.
I can but dream of may can be
And all that we may one day see.

So outward dream
And outward dream
And onward go
So outward dream
And outward dream
And onward go

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