The Pegasus Awards

About the Pegasus Awards for Excellence in Filking

The Pegasus Awards were founded to recognize and honor excellence in filking. These awards are given annually at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest (or OVFF). Anyone with an interest in filk can nominate songs or individuals for the awards, and anyone can vote. You do not need to be a member of the convention to be involved in the nomination and voting process.

Currently awards are given in six categories: Best Song, Best Classic Filk Song, Best Performer, Best Writer/Composer and 2 topical categories that vary from year to year. Some examples of past categories include: Best Love Song, Best Literature Song, Best Techie Song, Best Sing Along, Best Battle Song, Best Song that Tells a Story, etc.

The OVFF convention committee solicits nominations for Finalists for the Pegasus Awards (the Nominating Ballot) during the late spring and summer. There is an opinion poll that runs during the year as well to help interested folk brainstorm ideas for the Nominating Ballot. The Finalist Ballot is distributed in the early fall, and must be returned by the opening night of OVFF. You can also vote online - either to nominate Finalists, or to vote for the Finalists themselves. The entire process is administered by the OVFF convention committee.

This site lists most of the Finalists as well as all of the Award winners since the Pegasus was first given out in 1984.

There is more information about the Pegasus Awards on the M.A.S.S.F.I.L.C. site.

So, peruse the site. See who has been selected by you since 1984 to represent the best in filk. If you have any questions or concerns about the information presented here, please send them to

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