The Pegasus Awards

Adam English IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
2012 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Classic Filk Song Tiberius Rising
2004 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Comic Book Song Arthur Curry
2000 Ookla the Mok Best Performer  
Pegasus picture 1997 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Writer/Composer  

Pegasus Nominations



Category Song
2013 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Alien Song Rishathra
2010 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Mad Science Song Dawn of the Day Before the Time of the Land the Lost Dinosaurs Forgot to Remember
2009 w/ Rand Bellavia A Little Bit Rock and Roll Das Uber Tuber
2007 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Song of Home Home
2006 Ookla the Mok Best Performer  
2006 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Battle Song Das Uber Tuber
2004 Ookla the Mok Best Performer  
1999 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Hero Song Das Uber Tuber
1998 Ookla the Mok Best Performer  
1997 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Filk Song Tiberius Rising
1997 Ookla the Mok Best Performer  
1997 w/ Rand Bellavia Best Science Song Math

Rand Bellavia and Adam English are the twin quasars of the filk rock band Ookla the Mok. They met in college and quickly thereafter started writing and performing songs about Star Trek and Super Heroes, never once asking if anyone else were interested in such songs. Several years (and many back-alley pipe beatings) later, they were introduced to the filk community -- initially an attentive and receptive audience and, shortly thereafter, a home.

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