The Pegasus Awards

Dr. Anne Prather


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2012 Best Classic Filk Song Spiral Dance
2009 Best Classic Filk Song Spiral Dance

Anne Prather, also known as Aislinn the Bard, has been writing songs since she was thirteen years old, though she won't admit to anything she wrote before 1976. Her first filk songs were written in the early 1980's and include Storyteller, Star Pilots' Hymn, and Space Child Lost. Her recordings include Storyteller (Off-Centaur), Space Heroes and Other Fools (OCP) and High Wings (Thor Records).

In 1993, Anne returned to school to pursue a degree in biology, following her early passion for genetics. She wrote Spiral Dance as a way to explain to her friends why she was going back to school.

In August 2009, she received her PhD in botany from the University of Washington, having completed a dissertation about the quantitative genetics of seed germination delay--in other words, the genetics of why some seeds don't sprout.

In addition to her music and science, Anne exhibits her art at convention art shows, and has had several solo shows of her digital art. She is busily at work looking for a job, revising the four novel drafts she completed last year, and getting CDs ready for release. She lives in Seattle Washington with her husband of 28 years.

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