The Pegasus Awards

Brooke Lunderville IF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2010 Best Mad Science Song Mad Science Café
2009 Best Writer/Composer  
2008 Best Tragedy Song The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster
2008 Best Writer/Composer  

Brooke Lunderville is a filking pharmacist from Vancouver, BC, world famous for her overuse of exclamation points and lack of subtlety. Brooke got in to filk when a family friend came to dinner one night and played Never Set the Cat on Fire. She learned to play the banjo in two weeks on a dare, played Nate Bucklin's I Pop Pills at the pharmacy school variety show to an enthusiastic but confused audience, and has been writing and performing her poignant and extremely serious songs about drycleaning, livejournal, and antihistamines ever since. She has released one album (Brooke vs. John: Steel Cage Match) with her former musical partner, guitarist John Caspell, who passed away in 2009. In her spare time she sits on the Conflikt concom (come to Seattle!,) wonders how to keep suspensions stable in zero-g, and tries to think of things that rhyme with "aminoglycoside." You can check out her her lyric and music website to check on her current progress...

(ps: WHEE!!!)



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