The Pegasus Awards

Heather Dale IF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
2013 w/ Ben Deschamps Best Filk Song Joan
2011   Best Romantic Song As I Am
2010 Best Writer/Composer  
2009 w/ Ben Deschamps Best Performer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category
2011 w/ Ben Deschamps Best Filk Song Joan
2008   Best Performer  
2005   Best Performer  
2005   Best Writer/Composer  

Heather Dale has been many things in her life: a solder-jockey at a small electronics firm, a foley assistant in the film industry, a 5:00am morning manager at a downtown coffee shop, a press release writer for a department store, a tour guide at a city dump, and a university librarian. She is now (and has been for a while) a full-time touring musician who cheerfully writes songs inspired by fantasy, legend and history. Heather and her partner Ben Deschamps are likely to be spotted in the company of filkers across North America and Europe... they've performed at FilKONtario, OVFF, Confluence, Arisia, Con*Cept, Contata, FilkContinental, Ad Astra, World Fantasy Con, Worldcon/Anticipation and several house concerts with fans in the USA, Canada & England. Heather and Ben were thrilled to receive the 2009 Pegasus for Best Performer, and will be GOH's at VCon in Vancouver (Oct), and Cre2c3ndo in England (February 2011)! For sound clips and lots more info, check out, including Heather and Ben's brand new CD "The Green Knight" (at







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