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Jordin Kare IF HoF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
Pegasus graphic 2017 Best Writer/Composer  
Pegasus graphic 2010 Best Classic Filk Song Fire In The Sky

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2003   Best Parody Heart of the Apple Lisa
2001   Best Computer Song Heart of the Apple Lisa
2000   Best Filk Song Fire In The Sky
1999 w/ Cynthia McQuillin Best Fool Song Fool to Feed the Drive
1997   Best Science Song The Designer
1993   Best Space Song Fire In The Sky
1987   Best Ose, Ose, and More-Ose Song Darkness
1984   Best Original Filk Song Darkness
1984   Best Male Filksinger  
1984   Best Parody The Bureaucrat's Hymn
1984 w/ Cynthia McQuillin Best Parody Fool to Feed the Drive
1984   Best Humorous Song The Designer

Editor: Sadly, Jordin passed away on July 19, 2017. Our hearts, thoughts, and care go out to Jordin's family and loved ones in this time of loss.

Jordin Kare is an ex-astrophysicist, a former freelance rocket scientist, the inventor of two different interstellar propulsion schemes plus a system for shooting down mosquitos with laser beams, and (at this writing) #27 on the Top 100 Inventors list at Oh, yes, and a filker -- he's been filking since 1975. He published the original Westerfilk Collection in 1980, and was one of the partners in Off Centaur Publications from 1981 thru 1987. He's published two albums of his own filk, Fire In The Sky and Parody Violation, and expects to start on a third shortly after the widespread crystallization of H2O in Hades. He's particularly proud that Buzz Aldrin, interviewed on NBC after the loss of Columbia , chose to to express himself by quoting lyrics from Fire In The Sky:

Though a nation watched her falling/Yet a world could only cry
As they passed from us to glory/Riding fire in the sky.


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