The Pegasus Awards

Juanita Coulson HoF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category
2012 Best Writer/Composer

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2012   Best Classic Filk Song Chess (Ad Astra)
2009   Best Classic Filk Song Chess (Ad Astra)
2008   Best Classic Filk Song Chess (Ad Astra)
2005   Best Classic Filk Song Chess (Ad Astra)
1992   Best Performer  
1991   Best Performer  
1991   Best Love Song The Mummy Shuffle (Kharis)
1990   Best Performer  
1989   Best Filk Song Chess (Ad Astra)
1989   Best Performer  
1989   Best Techie Song Amphioxious
1988   Best Filk Song  
1988 w/ Buck Coulson Best Writer/Composer  
1988 w/ Martha Keller Best Historical Song No Quarter (The Alamo)
1987   Best Writer/Composer  
1987   Best Schtick Thais
1984 Best Female Filksinger  

Juanita Coulson has been filking since the early 1950s, when she first set Heinlein's Grand Canal, Green Hills of Earth, and other Future History ditties to music and wrote a few original songs of her own. Through the decades, she has filked in hotel hallways, elevator lobbies, room parties, the roof of a HolidayDome sauna, etc. etc. etc.; until filking started getting respect and we started getting actual rooms reserved for our use at cons. She has accumulated several awards, somehow ending up in the Filk Hall of Fame (her words, it's really richly deserved- Ed.), is recognized as a Den Mother, and as an OVFF Grandmistress. Intends to keep it up until the lungs, or something else equally vital- might give out.

She also notes that she has been working at Wal-Mart for about 7 months now, which should equate to some sort of Chinese curse.


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