The Pegasus Awards

Julia Ecklar HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
Pegasus 2011   Best Classic Filk Song The Phoenix
2004   Best Classic Filk Song Ladyhawke!
1997 w/ Susan Cooper Best Sorcery Song The Dark Is Rising
1992   Best Filk Song God Lives on Terra
1991   Best War/Vengeance Song Temper of Revenge
1990   Best Writer/Composer  
1990   Best Literature Song Daddy's Little Girl
1987   Best Performer  
1984   Best Female Filksinger  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2003 w/ Leslie Fish

Best Original Humorous Song

Asteroid Named Rest Stop
1993 w/ Leslie Fish Best Space Song Asteroid Named Rest Stop
1992   Best Writer/Composer  
1990   Best Filk Song God Lives on Terra
1988   Best Media Song The Enterprise Trilogy (Homecoming, Enterprise, Fallen Angel)
1988   Best Media Song Ladyhawke!
1987   Best Filk Song Ladyhawke!
1987   Best Writer/Composer  
1984   Best Original Filk Song Daddy's Little Girl

From Julia's Filk Hall of Fame citation:

Julia Ecklar entered the filk community about 1980. From her earliest days, she awed audiences with the richness and clarity of her voice, and the passion and polish of her singing.

Julia's many songs range in mood from funny to serious, from contemplative to rousing. Written in a number of musical styles, they are singable and often deeply moving. Her lyrics are simple in language, but rich in imagery.

Her songs have moved many to seek out the works that inspired her. These include stories, books, television, movies, comics and life itself. She has an almost uncanny ability to distill the essence of a work into one moment, captured within a song.

Julia's songs and performances have been recognized with numerous Pegasus awards. A more telling indicator of the quality and emotional impact of Julia's songs is that they are included in the repertoires of so many members of the filk community.

Julia's was one of the earliest voices of recorded filk, being featured on numerous releases by Off Centaur. Many people were drawn into filking by her recorded work, from the simplicity of her first solo recording, "Traveller", to the lush arrangements of "Divine Intervention".

Her upcoming release, "Horsetamer", is her first major solo recording in 25 years, reuniting the key contributors from Divine Intervention with many Pittsburgh-area symphony musicians.

Julia's music can be heard on:


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