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2018 Best Writer/Composer  


Lauren Cox is a recent college graduate from the mountains of East Tennessee who stumbled into filk by befriending Cat Faber. She sings and writes songs and plays quite a few instruments with varying degrees of proficiency. Music is just one of her creative outlets—she is also, among other things, a photographer, poet, and artist. She currently works as a graphic designer, copy editor, and occasional photographer/reporter at her county’s local newspaper.

In her ample free time, she plays in a local band, tries to remain sane in the current political climate, seeks out new music to listen to, and goes hiking with her girlfriend. She lives with three roommates and her two fluffy cats, whom she would love to show you pictures of. 

Representative Work for the 2018 Pegasus Awards.

A World Away

Copyright © 2018 by Lauren Cox
All Rights Reserved -
Used by Permission

for those who point fingers at other areas of the world while believing that things in this country are peachy.

a world away, in a far-off place, 
a girl is sleeping in the dark with dirt on her face 
she’s hungry, she’s thirsty, she’s hot or she’s cold 
in her dreams, she gets to see her family grow old 

a world away, in some forgotten town, 
people don’t drink the water, 'cause the water is brown 
and the toxins within it are too many to name, 
but the only thing that changes is the bearer of the blame 

a world away, in a far-off place, 
women cast their eyes to shadows while clutching cans of mace 
for the men there are violent and won’t hesitate 
‘cause needs are just needs, and bait is just bait 

a world away, in some forgotten town, 
state-sanctioned killers shoot people down 
and throw all the rest into cell blocks like trash 
and the government smiles as it rakes in the cash 

a world away, in a distant land, 
children are slaughtered wherever they stand 
at home or in classrooms, at concerts or malls 
that radical religion will be the death of us all 

worlds away, in those far-off lands 
the people all suffer but we can’t lend a hand 
we’ll seal up the borders and safe we will be— 
don’t you feel safe here, in the land of the free?



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