The Pegasus Awards

Tricia Williams IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Group Category
2015 The Cast of 'Before the Dawn' at Loncon 2014 Best Performer
2007 n'Early Music Consort Best Performer

Tricia Williams (Alto, occasionally other parts as required)

Tricia, aka Tig or tiggy, took an unusual path into the filk community by joining the n'Early Music Consort (nMC) before hearing about filk, when her sister persuaded Tricia to go with her to a rehearsal of “a choir" in 2006. She was thrilled to find something that combined two of her favourite interests, and with some dressing up! (She also discovered she had been a secret filker for years, having co-written several songs with her sister.)

So the nMC acquired Tricia instead of the sister, and she sang with them regularly until 2013. In 2014, she did her first solo slot at a UK Filkcon, including seven of her songs that have been published in UK and FKO songbooks.

Having volunteered to be either a chorus member or take a backstage role for the Worldcon presentation of Before the Dawn she ended up doing both, singing in all the chorus pieces and also collaborating on staging for the chorus and taking extra chorus rehearsals. 

She is currently working on a novel that includes a song cycle, based on her first attempt to sing a solo in public at FKO.


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