The Pegasus Awards

Zander Nyrond IF SAM HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
2000 w/ Soren Nyrond Best Filk Song Sam's Song
2002   Best Writer/Composer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2000   Best Writer/Composer  
1999 w/ Soren Nyrond Best Filk Song Sam's Song
1998 w/ Soren Nyrond Best Filk Song Sam's Song
1996   Best Spiritual Song Mizpah
1994   Best Writer/Composer  
Zander Nyrond was found one stormy night in 1955 in the first, and so far only, documented case of a "corn splodge." He distinguished himself at the age of two by announcing that he had read War And Peace: on further investigation, it was discovered that he had in fact read only the title. A little later, to the consternation of all, he began to sing, in a cracked and nerve-wracking voice, songs of his own composition. Forty years later, he has not stopped yet, and though the voice, through simple friction, has of force improved, the songs, as someone said, remain the same.

Zander is tall but not distinctively so, portly, unkempt and prone to fade into the background when not performing. Several backgrounds have taken out restraining orders as a consequence. He lives in the mid-west of England, enjoys having friends, pets and a wife in no particular order, and hopes to continue doing so in no particular order till the world finally gets tired of him and makes something else to play with.


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