The Pegasus Awards

Zander Nyrond IF SAM HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Collaboration Category Song
Pegasus graphic 2000 w/ Soren Nyrond Best Filk Song Sam's Song
2002   Best Writer/Composer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category Song
2017   Best Horror Song Mina's Song
2000   Best Writer/Composer  
1999 w/ Soren Nyrond Best Filk Song Sam's Song
1998 w/ Soren Nyrond Best Filk Song Sam's Song
1996   Best Spiritual Song Mizpah
1994   Best Writer/Composer  

Zander Nyrond, has-been...I'm sorry, I'll read that again. Zander Nyrond has been a fixture in British filking since its inception, and is now classed as an Ancient Monument, with guided tours of his salient features leaving every two hours, and a gift shoppe at the gate selling overpriced plastic replicas of him (guaranteed nasally incorrect). He was first discovered in the South Pacific Ocean, when after aeons of submarine obscurity his weed-encrusted bulk once again rose to the surface in accordance with ancient prophecy. Several monastic orders have devoted themselves to supplicating him day and night with prayer and nameless sacrifices, in the hope that he will refrain from trampling cities, laying waste to the landscape and devouring the populace, or at least not sing while he does it. They have not, as yet, achieved measurable success.

His debut album, The Filk Of Human Kindness, was recently "reimagined" by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp as the Nyronds and Helena Bonham Carter as a freshly tweaked stardrive. He is currently completing Coming To A Theatre Near You, an album of new songs supposedly written and sung by the Truesingers, his fictitious all-female folk trio; the songs will mostly be sung by Zander. He also writes stories and other aberrations and has a Patreon page which he would like everyone to look at, at

He continues to reside in a sequestered corner of western England, with his wife Janet and an indeterminate number of very determinate cats. His habits, except when engaged upon city-trampling and related activities, are modest and unassuming, and his appearance remains extremely.

Rumours that he now also goes by Zanda Myrande and prefers female pronouns are quite true, but not in real life as it would traumatise the horses.


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