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Redneck Pagan

Larry Kirby

Pegasus Nominations

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2009 A Little Bit Country

Redneck Pagan

Copyright © by Larry Kirby
Can be sung to 'Gilligan's Island'
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

Well I'm a red-neck pagan, now that's just what I am
For the Christian Coalition, I do not care a damn
I draw myself a circle out underneath the moon
And celebrate the Sabbats with rabbits and raccoons

Now, all the other pagans, they think I'm kinda dumb
Cause when I call the quarters, I always say "y'all come"
I offer up my howdies, to the Lady and the Lord
From an altar that's an engine block from a 67 Ford

My chalice is a hubcap from Daddy's Chevrolet
My wand's a busted pool cue, my sword says CSA
My familiar is a possum, my robe's a burlap sack
I dyed that sucker cami; my truck's got a staff rack

My athame's a buck knife, a pop-top is my ring
My cauldron is a washtub, won't need it till the spring
My Sacred Feast's a Moon Pie, and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
When I dismiss the quarters, I say "Y'all come back now, hear?"

Now back in the dark ages, they burned us by the score
And out there there's some Christians, who'd like to burn some more
The thing 'bout redneck pagans, you'd best cut us some slack
Cause unlike Salem's witches, us good ol' boys shoot back


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