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2014 Best Filk Song Snow White, Red Road
2014 Best Performer  

Cheshire Moon is Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman and includes the occasional wandering fiddler such as former member Susan Weiner. The band started when Eric wrote music that didn't fit either his solo act or his then band Toyboat. He heard Lizzie sing in a filk circle one night at Windycon, knew she had the voice he was looking for, and the duo began. They began playing in the Chicago area in 2010. Susan joined the group in 2012, and their first album, Ways of Wind and Water, was released in Sept. 2012. Their latest album, Crowes and Consequences, was released in November of 2013. The group's song, Snow White, Red Road, won second place in the Song-Writing Contest at OVFF 29.

Their music falls firmly in what Catherynne M. Valente, S.J. Tucker and others refer to as Mythpunk.

They currently live in Iowa in a house filled with books, movies, music, comics, kids, yarn, an awful lot of instruments and two cats named after fonts. They can be found playing at conventions, coffee houses and pagan festivals all over the Midwest and beyond.

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