The Pegasus Awards

Pegasus Nominated Songs

As I get permissions, I will be posting song lyrics to this site. If you happen to get to this site before I get to you, contact the webmaster for submissions. Please read 'Steve's nastybad disclaimer'.

307 Ale Tom Smith  
404: Not Found Dave Weingart Tom Smith
A Boy and His Frog Tom Smith  
A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers in a Zero-G Environment Diana Gallagher  
A Simple Country Doctor Matt Leger  
A SMOF Too Blue Dave Weingart  
A Thousand Ships Katy Dröge-Macdonald Juliane Honisch
A Toast For Unknown Heroes Leslie Fish  
Acolytes of the Machine Dr. Mary Crowell  
Acts of Creation Cat Faber  
Alien Jellyfish Song Chris Conway  
Alien Salad Abduction Chris Conway  
Alligator in the House Betsy Tinney, Cade Tinney S. J. Tucker
Amphioxious Juanita Coulson  
An Asteroid Named Rest Stop Julia Ecklar Leslie Fish
Annie's Luck Cat Faber  
Apology Bill Roper Gretchen Roper
Arafel's Song (Tree of Swords & Jewels) Mercedes Lackey Kathy Mar
Archetype Cafe Talis Kimberley  
Arden Zander Nyrond Chris O'Shea
Arthur Curry Rand Bellavia Adam English
Backbone Dr. Jane Robinson  
The Ballad of Stan Long Joe Haldeman  
Bang Today Tim & Annie Walker Mike & Anne Whitaker
Banned From Argo Leslie Fish  
Barrayaran Roses Maureen O'Brien  
Be Our GoH Tom Smith  
Before the Dawn Mike Whitaker  
Being Watson Kari Maaren  
Bermuda Triangle Tom Smith  
Beware the Sentient Chili Chris Weber  
Black Davie's Ride Cynthia McQuillin  
Bloodchild Joey Shoji  
Bold Marauder Richard Farina  
Brother Michael's Song Mac Carson  
Calm Down Kathy Mar  
Captain Jack & The Mermaid Meg Davis  
Carmen Miranda's Ghost Leslie Fish  
Carrion Talis Kimberley  
Catatonia County Rag Julia Ecklar Leslie Fish
Cheap Lawyer & Rebuttal Murray Porath Bill Roper
Cheshire Kitten S. J. Tucker  
Chess (Ad Astra) Juanita Coulson  
Child of the Library Gill Cawley Piers Cawley
Chocolate is a Vegetable Graham Leathers  
Chuck the Corpse Fred Capp  
Circles Gwen Zak  
City of Doors Dr. Mary Crowell  
Cliffs of Insanity Erin Bellavia Rand Bellavia
Close Your Eyes Daniel Glasser  
Cockroaches on Parade Harry Waller  
Cold Butcher Steve Macdonald  
Cold Iron Leslie Fish Rudyard Kipling
Colin Steve Macdonald  
Come to Mordor Jeff Bohnhoff  
Come Ye Knights Sheila Willis  
Con Man Blues Sally Childs-Helton  
Con Spent In A Circle Rob Wynne  
Cosmic Drain Sally Childs-Helton  
Courage Dear Heart Summer Russell  
Cranes Over Hiroshima Fred Small  
Creature of the Wood Heather Alexander Philip Obermarck
Creatures of Dream Batya Wittenberg  
Crimson and Crystal Cynthia McQuillin  
Daddy's Little Boy Murray Porath  
Daddy's Little Girl Julia Ecklar  
Dairy Queen Sheila Willis Barbara Higgins
Dancing on the Moon Diana Gallagher  
Dangerous Heroes Michael Longcor  
Darkness Jordin Kare  
Das Uber Tuber Rand Bellavia Adam English
Dawn of the Day Before the Time of the Land the Lost Dinosaurs Forgot to Remember Rand Bellavia Adam English
Dawson's Christian Duane Elms  
Dear Gina Seanan McGuire  
Dear Seanan Erin Bellavia / Merav Hoffman Seanan McGuire
Dedication Jean Stevenson  
Demonsbane Heather Alexander Mercedes Lackey
The Destroyer Bill Roper  
Die Puppen (The Dolls) Eva Van Daele-Hunt  
Divine Irregularity Tom Smith  
Do It Yourself Bill Sutton  
Do You Hear the Pipes, Cthulu? Terence Chua  
Do You Want to Build an Iron Man? Lawrence Dean  
Domino Death Tom Smith  
Don't Push That Button Duane Elms  
Doppleganger Kathy Mar  
Dragon for Sale Benjamin Newman  
Dreams Clif Flynt  
Drink to the Health of the Dorsai Marty Burke  
Drink Up The River Kathy Mar  
Drivel Dr. Jane Robinson  
Droozlin' Through the Cosmos Ariel Cinii  
Earth That Was Cecilia Eng  
Edward Kathy Mar  
Elektra's Song Chris Malme  
Elf Glade Meg Davis  
Emerald Green Michelle Dockrey Tony Fabris
Ender's Game Larry Warner  
Enterprise Julia Ecklar  
The Entwife Summer Russell  
Everybody Dies PDX Broadsides  
Everybody Hates Elves Kari Maaren  
Everyman Mary Jean Holmes  
The Evil Eyeball Sibylle Machat  
Evil Overlords Anonymous Alasdair and Jessica Prett  
Face on Mars Tom Jeffers Dave Clement
Fallen Angel Julia Ecklar  
Falling Down on New Jersey Mitchell Burnside Clapp  
Fellowship Going South Leslie Fish  
Female of the Species Leslie Fish Rudyard Kipling
Feygrass Scott Snyder  
Fight Like A Girl Erin Bellavia Rand Bellavia
Fighting the Black Thing Erin Bellavia Rand Bellavia
Fire In The Sky Jordin Kare  
Flowers for Algernon Kathy Mar  
Flying Island Farewell Barry Childs-Helton  
Following in Valentina's Footsteps Valerie Housden  
Following Our Dreams Lawrence Dean  
Fool to Feed the Drive Jordin Kare Cynthia McQuillin
For The World Is Hollow Renee Alper  
Frank Hayes' Disease Bill Sutton Steve Schwartz
Future Me Robert Beckwith  
Gabriel Gray's Song Batya Wittenberg  
Gather Day Steve Macdonald  
Give My Children Wings Kathy Mar  
Go Home Mich Sampson Marilisa Valtazanou
God Lives on Terra Julia Ecklar  
God Lives on Tully Bill Maraschiello  
God's Own Drunk Unknown  
Golden Rule Sabine Kinder  
Gone Filkin' Tom Jeffers  
Goodnight, Sarah-Jane Talis Kimberley
Grabthar's Silver Hammer Steve Macdonald  
Grandfather Gary Hanak  
Graviportal Polka Dr. Jane Robinson  
Green Hills of Harmony Hal Frank  
Green Mars Tom Jeffers  
Greensleeze Barry Childs-Helton  
Grief in Little Pieces Phil Allcock Talis Kimberley
Grill Fire Bob Kanefsky  
A Habitrail Named Klein Blake Hodgetts  
Half A Chance Bill Roper  
Han Solo For President Eric Distad
Harbors Anne Passovoy  
Have Some Madeira, My Dear Flanders & Swann  
Heart of the Apple Lisa Jordin Kare Fred Small
Heartwarming Kathy Mar  
Heat of the Blood Tom Smith  
Hello Stranger Erica Neely  
Hellraiser Tom Smith  
Helva's Song Cecilia Eng  
Herbs & Simples Martha Keller Buck Coulson
Here Be Cartographers Ben Newman
Home Rand Bellavia Adam English
Home to FilKONtario Debbie Ridpath Ohi  
Homecoming Julia Ecklar  
Hope Eyrie Leslie Fish  
Horse of Silver Gold Bill Roper  
Horsetamer's Daughter Leslie Fish  
Howie's Waltz Cat Faber  
I am I Eva Van Daele-Hunt
I Am Lord Gwen Zak Leslie Fish
I Am Stardust Lloyd Landa  
I'm Sorry Cathy It Just Popped Out Jane Mailander  
I Built A Time Machine Eric Distad  
I Had A Shoggoth Tom Smith  
I Put My Low Stat Dr. Mary Crowell  
I Want To Be Peter Lorre Tom Smith  
I Would Walk With You Cynthia McQuillin  
Ian The Grim Clif Flynt  
In A Gown Too Blue Brenda Sutton  
In The Blood (Flying Machine) Brenda Sutton  
It Ain't Easy Being Sauron Bill Maraschiello  
Itty Bitty Titty Mary Folly  
J for Jedi Bill Maraschiello  
Job the Armored Donkey Rhiannon's Lark  
Journey's Done Steve Macdonald  
Just Desserts Meg Davis  
Kama Sutra Murray Porath  
Kinda Mediocre, Actually Bill Roper  
Kinsey Scale Bob Kanefsky  
Knight's In White Satin Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff  
Ladyhawk Julia Ecklar  
Lammas Night Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
Least of My Kind Cat Faber  
Legolas Dr. Mary Crowell  
Lightsailor Barry Childs-Helton  
Like A Lamb To The Slaughter Frank Hayes  
Like Their Feet Have Wings Gwen Knighton  
Little Fuzzy Animals Frank Hayes  
Little Fuzzy Vegetables Mark Mandel Frank Hayes
Lord of Time Peter David  
Lucy on the Line Tim Griffin  
Lullabye (Home Is Wherever) Anne Passovoy  
Lullabye for a Weary World T.J. Burnside Clapp  
Mad Science Café Brooke Abbey  
Mad Scientist's Love Song Gary McGath  
Madame Curie's Hands Duane Elms  
Madcoil: Nightcrawler Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
Magic Carpet Andrea Dale  
Magician's Wives Peter Beagle  
Magnus Retail Mary Crowell  
Man of War Kathy Mar  
Many Hearts, One Voice Steve Macdonald  
March of Cambreadth Heather Alexander  
Marcon Ballroom Anne Passovoy  
Mary O'Meara Poul Anderson Anne Passovoy
Math Rand Bellavia Adam English
Mattie Groves Frank Hayes  
Maybe It's Crazy Seanan McGuire  
Meat Kathleen Sloan  
Meownir Madison "Metricula" Roberts  
Midichlorian Rhapsody Jeff Bohnhoff  
Midsummer Heather Alexander  
Mina's Song Zander Nyrond  
Mizpah Kathy Mar Zander Nyrond
Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship? Joey Shoji  
Monster & The Man Mark Osier  
Monster In My Head Michael Longcor  
Monster's Lullaby Meg Davis  
Monsters In The Night Diana Gallagher  
Mundane Girl Larry Warner  
Music Has A Strong Magic Gytha North  
My Husband, The Filker Bill Roper Gretchen Roper
My Jalapeno Man Debbie Ridpath Ohi  
My Story Is Not Done Seanan McGuire  
My Thousand Closest Friends Naomi Pardue  
Nantucket Sleigh Ride Graham Leathers  
Nathan Fillion (Please Take Off Your Pants) The PDX Broadsides  
Nessie Come Up Dr. Jane Robinson  
Never Set the Cat on Fire Frank Hayes  
Nine hundred and ninety-nine Mich Sampson Marilisa Valtazanou
No Hurry Michelle Dockrey  
No Quarter (The Alamo) Martha Keller Juanita Coulson
No Quarter Cat Faber  
Nobody's Moggy Lands Bob Kanefsky  
Not All Who Wander Are Lost in Space Ben Newman  
Not Everybody Dies Erica Neely  
On The Inside Renee Alper  
One Last Dance Bill Roper  
Operation: Desert Storm Tom Smith  
Oregon Trail Tim Griffin  
Our Kind of Strange Eric Distad Jen Distad
Our Space Opera Goes Rolling Along Jeff Duntemann  
Out of a Clear Blue Sky Dr. Jane Robinson  
Outward Bound Cat Faber  
Pageant Legend Katy Dröge-Macdonald Juliane Honisch
Paper Worlds Talis Kimberley  
Pearly Gate Blues (Jim & Tammy) Sally Childs-Helton  
Perky Goth W. Randy Hoffman  
Persephone Michelle Dockrey  
Pharmakoia Randy Hoffman  
Planet Called Melody Bill Roper  
Playing D&D S. J. Tucker  
Po' Boys Marty Coady Fabish  
Poisoned Apples Don Neill  
PQR (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) Tom Smith  
Precious Moments Phil Allcock  
Pure of Heart Heather Estelme  
Quest (Grugan of the Regulars) Martha Keller Michael Longcor
Rain on Berlin Eva Van Daele-Hunt  
Red Roses Erica Neely  
Red Star Rising Mitchell Clapp  
Regrets Andrew Eigel  
Rhinotillexomania Michael Longcor  
Rich Fantasy Lives Rob Balder Tom Smith
Road to Roswell Lloyd Landa Karen Linsley
Road to Santiago Heather Dale  
Robin Hood T.J. Burnside Clapp  
Rocket Ride Tom Smith  
Sam's Song Zander Nyrond Soren Nyrond
Scarlet Town Cathy McManamon  
Sea of Stars Judith Hayman  
Second-Hand Heaven Lawrence Dean  
Second-Hand Songs Jonathan Turner  
Secrets (The Rogue's Song) Scott Snyder  
Serious Steel Leslie Fish  
Sex and Chocolate Jodi Krangle
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Shadow Harper Cynthia McQuillin  
Shai! Steve Macdonald Steve Simmons
Ship of Stone Don Simpson  
Shooting Star Michael Longcor  
Shoulders of Giants Tim Griffin  
Signy Mallory Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
Siren Song Michelle Dockrey Tony Fabris
Six Transit Genitalia Centauri Bob Kanefsky  
Small Designs Barry Childs-Helton  
Small Mended Corners Talis Kimberley  
Smuggler's Song Michael Longcor Rudyard Kipling
Snitch Ball Wizard Steve Macdonald  
Snow White, Red Road Cheshire Moon  
Solar Gypsy Diana Huey  
Soldier Ask Not Gordon R. Dickson  
Some Kind of Hero Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
Somebody Will Ada Palmer  
Someone on the Internet is Wrong Mich Sampson Marilisa Valtazanou
Song of Fey Cross Gwen Knighton  
Song of the Ripper Dr. Jane Robinson  
Song of the Shieldwall Malkin Grey Peregyn Wyndryder
Spiral Dance Anne Prather  
Spirals in your Eyes Peter Alway  
Starlight & Saxophone Tom Smith  
Starship & Haiku Kathy Mar  
Starship in High Gear Frank Hayes  
Starsoul Jodi Krangle Roger Burton-West
Still Catch the Tide Talis Kimberley  
Stimmen Im Wind Eva Wiest  
Storm Dancing Tom Smith  
Strangers No More Brenda Sutton  
Stray Dog Man Bill Sutton  
Superman's Midlife Crisis Joe Giacoio  
Superman's Sex Life Boogie Tom Smith  
Take It Back Kathleen Sloan  
Tech Support Jeff Hitchin  
Tea at Four Phil Mills  
Teenage Popsicle Girl Bill Roper  
Temper of Revenge Julia Ecklar  
Terra Nova Eva Van Daele-Hunt  
Terror Time in Lancre Juliane Honisch  
Thais Juanita Coulson  
The Ballad of Fleet Sergeant Ho Lee Billings  
The Dark Is Rising Susan Cooper Julia Ecklar
The Dark Man Paul Kwinn  
The Designer Jordin Kare  
The Ferryman Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
The Girl That's Never Been Michelle Dockrey  
The Girl Who Couldn't Even The PDX Broadsides  
The Grandfather Clock Cecilia Eng  
The Green Hills of Earth Robert Heinlein Mark Bernstein
The Hunter Mich Sampson  
The Lady Jodi Krangle  
The Library Song Bill Roper Gretchen Roper
The Mummy Shuffle (Kharis) Juanita Coulson  
The Pilot's Eyes Bill Sutton  
The Return of the King Tom Smith  
The S-100 Bus Frank Hayes  
The Ship Roberta Rogow  
The Star Larry Warner  
The Thousandth Man Leslie Fish Rudyard Kipling
The Tyrant's Tale Cynthia McQuillin  
The Whale Song Dave Tucker Andrew Eigel
The Word of God Cat Faber  
They're Singing Banned From Argo Bob Kanefsky  
Three Days Away Mike Whitaker  
Threes Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
Threes Rev. 1.1 Duane Elms Leslie Fish
Tiberius Rising Rand Bellavia Adam English
TIE After TIE Deborah Linden Errol Elumir
Time & Stars Sharon Porath  
Tiny Kraken Rhiannon's Lark  
To Touch A Star Steve Macdonald  
Tough Titty Cupcakes Betsy Tinney  
Twelve Years at Worldcon Frank Hayes  
Underfoot Jen Midkiff  
Unreality Warp Clif Flynt  
Uplift Andrew Eigel  
Urban Legends Paul Kwinn  
Vampire Megabite Steve Savitzky  
Velvet Talis Kimberley  
Velveteen Kathy Mar  
Vor Bill Sutton  
Watchmaker Hill Eva Van Daele-Hunt  
Water Cathy McManamon  
We Are Who We Are Michelle Dockrey Tony Fabris
Weekend Only World T.J. Burnside Clapp  
Welcome Home Mark Bernstein
Wendigoes Terence Chua  
What A Woman's For Seanan McGuire  
What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone? Carla Ulbrich  
When Giants Walked Kathy Mar  
When I Grow Up Dr. Mary Crowell  
When I Was A Boy Frank Hayes  
When Tenskwatawa Sings Michael Longcor  
Where The Magic Is Real Paul Kwinn  
Whiskey in the Jawa Eric Distad
Will Ye Come Back Home? Mike Richards  
The Wind From Rainbow's End Bill Roper  
Wind's Four Quarters Leslie Fish Mercedes Lackey
Windward Passage Michael Longcor  
Wishful Thinking Peter Thiesen  
Witnesses' Waltz Leslie Fish  
The Wizard of Macke Town Bill Sutton  
Woof Diana Gallagher  
World Inside the Crystal Steve Savitzky  
The Wreck of the Martian Observer Sunnie Larsen Aron Wolf
X-Libris Talis Kimberley  


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