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Maybe It's Crazy

Seanan McGuire

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2021 Best Mad Science Song mp3
2006 Best Torch Song  

Maybe It's Crazy

Copyright ©2005 by Seanan McGuire, All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

I like a man who wears a lab coat when he works.
I think those hero types are rude and dull, and generally jerks.
Let me tell you how a lover behaves --
He lets you hold the shovel when he’s robbing graves.
Maybe it’s crazy, but baby, love usually is.

I like a man who knows things men weren’t meant to know.
Who grabs ideas in his teeth and then won’t ever let go.
I know that I’m no Bride of Frankenstein,
But we could be electric if he’d just be mine --
Maybe it’s crazy, but baby, love usually is.

The perfect guy for me
In university
Was laughed at by all of his peers.
And now he’s off his head,
He’s bringing back the dead;
Been planning his revenge for twenty years!
He’s brilliant but insane;
I love him for his brain
And blatant disregard for human life.
He needs a right-hand girl,
And I could rock his world.
Forget about that Igor, let me be his loving wife!

I like a man who’s into working with his hands;
The kind of guy whose theories no one understands.
I’ve got a hunch that I would be just fine
With the kind of love that’s best preserved in turpentine --
Maybe it’s crazy, but baby, love usually is.

The guy that I adore
Is always looking for
The secret to having it all.
And sure, that angry mob
May not support his job,
But while we flee the crowd, we’ll have a ball!
I know he’ll treat me right;
We’ll tryst by candlelight,
And resurrect a priest to tie the knot.
I swear that he’s not bad,
He’s just a little...mad.
We’ll unlock hidden knowledge that was better left forgot!

I like a guy who breaks the laws of God and man;
Who laughs maniacally and always has to tell you his plan.
I’ll call him Master, and I’m eager to please --
I’m good around the lab and better down on my knees,
Oh, maybe it’s crazy, maybe it’s crazy,
Maybe it’s crazy, but baby, love usually is!


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