The Pegasus Awards

Jen Distad IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
2021 Best Performer The Faithful Sidekicks

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2023 Best Filk Song   Our Kind of Strange
2019 Best Performer The Faithful Sidekicks  
2018 Best Performer The Faithful Sidekicks  


At an early age Jen Distad inherited her love of fantasy and sci-fi from her mom (who, it has been hypothesized, had something of a crush on Captain Kirk), and hasn't looked back since. Her early music involvement came from school choirs, musical theater, improv, and a short stint as bass player in a band with old high school friends (who ditched her to go to a sci-fi con without her—ah well, she still forgave them ;)).

She and Eric (her husband, co-conspirator, and all-around great guy—no bias here, folks! ;)) formed their own band, first playing Eric's "serious" music (wherein he did his best to hide his geeky influences). Once they started to embrace all things geek in their music, the pair found filk through connections initially made during February Album Writing Month (—an activity into which Jen had to push her husband. Pushy, isn't she? ;)

Jen currently sings, plays bass guitar, percussion, and flash cards, but has noodled a bit with mandolin and ukulele, as well. In addition to sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, Jen currently geeks out about good board games, classic Hollywood movies and animation, and her husband's homemade breads.

As the band The Faithful Sidekicks, Jen and Eric have released five albums (*.* and Other Star Things, Achievement Unlocked, Our Kind of Strange, Sales of Interest, and Dark Side of the Meep). You can find more information on their band website,



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