The Pegasus Awards

Jeff Duntemann


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2005 Best Space Opera Song Our Space Opera Goes Rolling Along
Jeff Duntemann was born in Chicago in 1952. He started Filking early. In 7th grade he wrote a whole suite of songs about his home room teacher, Mr. O'Malley to the tunes he found in his "To God Through Music" text book. He started writing SF prose in high school and found fandom while in college. He had a number of stories published in Isaac Azimov's Science Fiction Magazine and some anthologies. He even garnered a couple of Hugo Nominations in the late 70's.

Then real life got in the way. He started writing computer books, edited a couple of trade magazines and co-founded a publishing company, Coriolis Press.

He recently sold his interests in Coriolis and is taking some time to write fiction again. His novel, The Cunning Blood, will be published by ISFIC Press in the fall of 2005.

He lives in Colorado Springs with his lovely wife Carol. For his own word on filk look up


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