The Pegasus Awards

2005 Nominees


Best Filk Song
Archetype Cafe Talis Kimberley
The Girl That's Never Been Michelle Dockrey
Rocket Ride Tom Smith
Stimmen im Wind Eva Wiest
Uplift Andrew Eigel
Best Classic Filk Song
Before the Dawn Mike Whitaker
Chess Juanita Coulson
Marcon Ballroom Anne Passovoy
Nessie Come Up Dr. J. Robinson
Never Set the Cat On Fire Frank Hayes
Best Performer
Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Dr. Mary Crowell
Heather Dale
Divine Strumpet
Carla Ulbrich
Best Writer/Composer
Heather Dale
Cat Faber
Blake Hodgetts
Seanan McGuire
Tom Smith
Best Space Opera Song
Ballad of Stan Long Joe Haldeman
Barrayaran Roses Maureen O'Brien
Evil Overlords Anonymous Alasdair and Jessica Prett
Our Space Opera Goes Rolling Along Jeff Duntemann
Signy Mallory Mercedes Lackey / Leslie Fish
Best Sword and Sorcery Song
Dragon for Sale Ben Newman
Feygrass Scott Snyder
Threes Mercedes Lackey / Leslie Fish
Urban Legends Paul Kwinn
Wizard of Macke Town Bill Sutton


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