The Pegasus Awards

Michelle Dockrey



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration Song
2017 Best Filk Song Tony Fabris We Are Who We Are
2012 Best Travel Song   No Hurry
2009 A Little Bit Rock and Roll Six-String Love
2009 Best Writer/Composer  
2008 Best Performer Vixy & Tony  
2007 Best Song of Home Tony Fabris Emerald Green
2006 Best Filk Song   The Girl That's Never Been

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2018 Best Classic Filk Song Tony Fabris Siren Song
2017 Best Performer w/ Vixy & Tony  
2016 Best Filk Song Tony Fabris We Are Who We Are
2014 Best Song of Passage   Persephone
2007 Best Performer w/ Vixy & Tony  
2006 Best Writer/Composer    
2005 Best Filk Song   The Girl That's Never Been

Michelle Dockrey is an officemouse by day, a singer/songwriter by night, and a Disney princess all the time. Raised by professional musicians, she has been harmonizing as long as she can remember. She first encountered filk in 1996, when her husband Matthew dragged her to a filk circle at Orycon. "Trust me," he said. "You'll love this." Before the weekend was out, she'd fallen in love with filk and written her first song ever. Soon she, Matthew, and friend Audrey Eschright had formed the trio Escape Key; they recorded one album, Shadowbeast, which is available at After Matthew and Audrey retired from performing, Michelle joined Tony Fabris to perform as the duo Vixy & Tony. They released their first studio album, Thirteen, in 2008, and are working on their next album, which will be out Real Soon Now.

Michelle happily lends her voice out to all her friends, asking only for tea, chocolate, and a warm place to sleep. She can be heard on Michael Kelly's Fields of the North, Seanan McGuire's Pretty Little Dead Girl, Stars Fall Home, Red Roses and Dead Things, and Wicked Girls, Adam Selzer's Clark Street Carols, Geeks Gone Wild in Chicago, and the soundtrack to his book I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked it, Nancy Louise Freeman's Stardust County, Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff's Möbius Street, and Grated Hits, Brooke Abbey & John Caspell's Steel Cage Match, and Tricky Pixie's Mythcreants.

When she's not officing, musicking, or doing freelance editing work, she's likely to be creating display boards for her collection of Disney pins or being spirited away to a Disney park to gather some more.




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