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Tony Fabris IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2018 Best Classic Filk Song Michelle Dockrey Siren Song
2017 Best Performer w/ Vixy & Tony  
2016 Best Filk Song Michelle Dockrey We Are Who We Are
2007 Best Performer w/ Vixy & Tony  
Tony Fabris has been inflicting his Filk parodies on West coast audiences since the turn of the century. Originally raised by cockroaches in the Southern California desert, Tony was kidnapped at age 14 by an insane guitar teacher who enslaved him and forced him to play nothing but 70's and 80's rock standards until he was old enough to catch and cook his own meals.

Tricked into becoming a sysadmin in the early 90's by being asked to crawl under a desk and help plug in a mouse, Tony has been answering the question "is the network down?" every 17.2 seconds since. His greatest ambition is to personally administer a dope slap to Bill Gates. Recently transplanted to Seattle, he has just learned what the windshield wiper switch on his car is for.

Tony pronounces his last name "fuh-BREE", even though it's not technically correct because there are no silent S's in Italian. He plans to change his name to an unpronounceable symbol someday.

Tony performs as half of the duo Vixy & Tony, with Michelle Dockrey. They released their first studio album, Thirteen, in 2008.

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