The Pegasus Awards

2007 Nominees


Best Filk Song
A Thousand Ships Katy Dröge-Macdonald /Juliane Honisch
Like Their Feet Have Wings Gwen Knighton
Rich Fantasy Lives Rob Balder / Tom Smith
Second-Hand Songs Jonathan Turner
Uplift Andrew Eigel
Best Classic Filk Song
Black Davie's Ride Cynthia McQuillin
The Elf Glade Meg Davis
Falling Down on New Jersey Mitchell Burnside Clapp
Ship of Stone Don Simpson
Still Catch the Tide Talis Kimberley
Best Performer
Dr. Mary Crowell
Seanan McGuire
n'Early Music Consort
Playing Rapunzel
vixy & Tony
Best Writer/Composer
Dr. Mary Crowell
Bob Kanefsky
Talis Kimberley
Benjamin Newman
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Best Dorsai Song
The Destroyer Bill Roper
Drink to the Health of the Dorsai Marty Burke
Green Hills of Harmony Hal Frank
Music Has A Strong Magic Gytha North
Shai! Steve Simmons /Steve Macdonald
Best Song of Home
Emerald Green Michelle Dockrey / Tony Fabris
Go Home Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou
Home Rand Bellavia / Adam English
Lullabye (Home Is Wherever) Anne Passovoy
Will Ye Come Back Home? Mike Richards


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